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      地址: 抚顺市东洲区碾盘三线城沟大桥同益北路5号
      电话:024-53787776 024-53781999
      手机:18841329597 13384135678 13654133788



      Address of board chairman currently general manager

          Dear clienrs:
          welcome to use our company" s product!
          fushun Beiyuan Fine CHemical Coppany Ltd.is ahigh-tech enterprise based onthe production of seriese n-alkyl products.Since the estahlishment of our company ,we are indebted to social fields,especially deep love love concern of new old clients,we develops stably all the wheile."Beiyuan Br" series products produced by our company won honor title of trust product of Liaoning Province, in the meanrime, we possess a professional production high-rech rechnical talent,check on strictly in different sectors,in order to ensure high quality of product.The purity of onecmponent for alkyl series producrs produced by our company can reach greater rhan 99.
          Development of of our company concerns closely to clienrs market,we will as always pursue the principle "quality comes first,customer gets top priority","Honesty innovation eternal, product moral quality will go on"isthe foundation stone of an enterprise if it can develop exp a splendid outsting anhievement,we are willing to cooperate closely with new old clients,advance h in h with double win mutual benefit,Beiyuan Chenical welcome you to visit guide at any moment!

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